Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My whirlwind Stay in (Pan Pacific) Singapore

So before Bangkok, I was in Singapore for a conference.

Hotel stays in Singapore don't come by cheap, but at least with Pan Pacific Singapore you have the assurance that the room would be extremely comfortable and nothing short of luxurious even for the most basic of deluxe rooms. It was my first time here and although it was 3 nights, I'm glad to say it was a very pleasant stay indeed.

On my last day, I'd intended  to order some dishes from Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pac's famed Chinese restaurant, but being pressed for time I settled for comfort food - the quintessential beef burger.

The burger was quite sumptuous, actually. While dry on some parts, I appreciated the full-bodied beefiness of the patty and technique used in pounding the beef into just the right texture. The fries were thick, hot and crisp. I only wish I had some HP sauce with me to make the entire meal that little bit better.


Lasse said...

Care to send me some food in the mail?O _ o That post made me hungry :(

Splendid TV said...

Looks like a nice hotel

HuntStuffs said...

Seemed like a pretty kickin hotel.

n0kS Phr33d0m said...

Looks good, very good. And that meal made me hungry hehehe. Nice post!

Cameron said...

are you going to get pan pac stays everytime you travel? holy cow you are so lucky
I just get whatever is available in town at the cheapest rate ><

Marc said...

Company pays for it mate.